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Household Resilience Program

Queensland Household Resilience Program To Provide Funding For Cyclone Prevention

The Household Resilience Program provides funding to help eligible home owners improve the resilience of their homes against cyclones.

Eligible home owners can apply to receive a Queensland Government grant of 75% of the cost of improvements (up to a maximum of $11,250 including GST).

There is a 2 stage eligibility process.

For the first stage, you need to meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply. You:
  • live in a recognised cyclone risk area (in the area from Bundaberg to the Queensland/Northern Territory border within 50km of the coast)
  • own or be the mortgagor of a house built before 1984
  • live in the home (it's your primary place of residence)
  • meet the income eligibility requirements.
Income test: To be eligible for the grant, weekly income must be less than:
  • $970 for an individual ($50,489 per year)
  • $1,342 for a couple ($69,804 per year)
  • $1,343 for a sole parent with one child ($69,852 per year)
  • $1,664 for a couple with one child ($86,552 per year)
The following weekly allowances also apply:
  • $322 for each additional dependent child ($16,748 per year)
  • $371 for each additional dependent adult ($19,315 per year)
Approved applicants will be required to make a minimum 25% co-contribution towards the approved program works undertaken and may be able to arrange a loan to fund all or part of this co-contribution.

If you think you're eligiable, please feel free to fill out our form to find out more.

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    James Cook University Study on

    Eligibility and criteria for roof replacement

    and roof structure tie-down upgrades

    Creates an Impact of severe winds on the structure of a house

    Tropical cyclones produce severe winds that can impact houses with extreme force. Wind pushing on the external walls applies high volumes of pressure to the roof that can result in a home lifting off its foundations.

    If a window or door is broken, severe winds can enter the house and potentially put more pressure on the roof structure. This may result in the roof becoming weakened or completely removed from the building. To increase the strength of the overall structure of the home and its resilience to severe winds, retrofitting to the original frame and/or upgrading the fittings may be necessary to increase the home’s resistance to the changing pressures during a cyclone.


    Retrofitting is when building improvements are carried out on older structures such as homes that were originally built to a standard that is now out-of-date.
    Some houses in coastal parts of Queensland built before the early-1980s may not have been built to withstand cyclonic winds.

    Upgrading (retrofitting) the roof structure, protecting the windows, strengthening the doors, and ensuring the house is well maintained are all ways to improve the strength of these homes.

    As a result of building improvements undertaken by home owners as part of the Household Resilience Program, homes may become more resilient to severe winds produced by cyclones.

    More Information

    Information for home owners on making their homes more resilient to cyclones can be obtained through the following resources:

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